Windows Embedded Server

Windows Embedded Server

The Windows Embedded Server products are identical to the retail version of Microsoft Windows Server products. They feature the same functionality and even the installation and configuration is the same. The advantage of the Windows Embedded Servers is that they are distributed under a different licensing model which makes them cheaper than the retail version of the products.

Key Benefits of Windows Embedded Servers

  • 15 Years Availability
    All Microsoft Embedded products are available for 15 years after the inital release!
  • OEM Activation
    Get OEM Activation for your devices with a quantity starting from 100 licenes!
  • Scaleable
    Support for up to 8 processors with up to 2 TB RAM
  • Virtualization with Hyper-V
    With the embedded version you will get more licensed virtual machines as with the retail version.
    Use the full power of Hyper-V to build up virtual environments that save costs, increase hardware utilization and also increase availability.
  • Downgrade option to any former version of the server product 
    Buy the most recent version of a Windows Embedded Server product and downgrade to any former version while the prodct is still available in the embedded channel.
    For a list of all available downgrade paths please contact us.


Dedicated Products for Specific Tasks

Windows Embedded Server - Telecommication Edition

Build specialized appliances for Telecommication that are powered by the functionility of Windows Server. Microsoft offers a dedicated license for this usage with great benefits in pricing!

Windows Embedded Storage Server

If you are bulding storage servers or want to create devices that offer iSCSI Target functionality you can make use of these specialized Windows Server opertating systems.

Windows Embedded Storage Server - Essentials

The Windows Embedded Server Storage Server - Essentials combines the benfits from Windows Storage Server and Windows Home Server. It enables you to have a fully automated backup and a centralized file storage.
Also the server can join the local domain and can handle up to 25 users!